the beautiful world is a repository for the various scans I've ripped from the grasp of my collection of artbooks, shitajiki/pencilboards, and so on. Every image here is provided "as is." I claim no rights to any of them beyond the fact that I was the one who scanned them. I did not create the works, I did not create the art; essentially, I created nothing beyond the digital representation. As such, I can neither claim nor give rights to these images.
     If you like what you see here, support the artists who created the images! Purchase the goods these scans came from, and see for yourself the original goodness. A great place to do so is at Robert's Anime Corner Store.
     This site is updated whenever I feel like it and is unlikely to be updated with frequency. It began and was founded upon the scans previously hosted at the scans section of my old layout (That which encompassed all). Until bandwidth constraints (if they ever) prove to be too much for my current hosting plan, all galleries will remain up at all times. Should bandwidth reach levels unhealthy for the rest of my site, those sections which are most popular may have to be given rolling hiatus. Lastly, please (And I say please but it is more of a strong reminder than a plea) do not direct link. Direct linking, unless the viewer of said dlink is curious enough to navigate to my site via the address bar, does not bring visitors to my page, merely leeching. If direct linking is observed, I will put measures into play that will end it. Should you have a comment or other question, an email may be dispatched to -- Alternatively, you can leave a comment at the collective guestbook.

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