Divided into sections, the scans are. Divided by series, the scans are, with the exception of anything from Megami Magazine. The reason for this is that HDS does not know the name of every series Megami features. As such, he could not categorize all of the media in any one issue by series. Scans are also divided into Newtype USA issues and Artbooks, if they came from them. These two categories will cross-feature scans. For instance, if I scan an artbook from My-HiME/Mai-HiME scans from it will be on the My-HiME/Mai-HiME page in the series division and on the specific Artbook page in the artbook division or if a scan from Newtype USA is from, say Card Captor Sakura, it will be both on the Card Captor Sakura page in By Series and on the specific issue page in By Newtype USA Issue.

By Series

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By Artbook (Coming Eventually)