Scans from Megami Magazine will appear here. I make no attempt to order when I scan from a particular magazine. I do plan on putting up healed (No-crease) images but, due to earlier images not seeing that, it will be some time before ones already up can be healed. I may or may not also scan larger posters (Ones other than the double-sided three- or two-pane foldout posters) due to the somewhat insane complications of making them scan and fit together without errors. Updates here may be somewhat slow due to it taking me several hours to scan and piece together one issue poster.
Additionally, if someone is desperate for a specific issue, let HDS know and he can put that one at the top of the list of scanees. I possess volumes 51 through the current of the magazine and volumes 3 to the current of the supplemental Megami Deluxe magazine. Shoot the HDS an should one of these be something you would like to request.

Volume 78, 11.1.2006

Volume 77, 10.1.2006