Card Captor Sakura/Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptors (The edited English dub) lies in that realm that holds a number of series I saw long, long ago. A megapopular CLAMP work, Card Captor Sakura is best seen in its manga or original, unedited DVD form. Scans follow.

CCS Card Captor Sakura GONT
A Card Captor Sakura mousepad, purchased at Otakon 2004, lies here first, followed by a mangified poster. Behind that is a postcard from Newtype USA of June 2003.

The postcards from the March 2003 edition of Newtype USA featured Card Captor Sakura. Interestingly enough, it was these postcards that got me subscribing to NTUSA in the first place.

CCS | Lami Cards
15.8 MB, 4047x6000px
2.65 MB, 2024x3000px
CCS | Lami Cards
16.1 MB, 4032x6000px
2.57 MB, 2016x3000px
CCS | Lami Cards, back
2.37 MB, 1400x2128px
A set of lami cards featuring Sakura Kinomoto in many of her outfits. Alas that my favorite, the magician outfit from her battle with the Shadow Card, is absent from this selection. The third image is the back, common to all cards.

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