The World, that quite plausible vision of the future of online gaming (Second Life, anyone?), spawned many a series. One of the earliest was .hack//sign (Sometimes referred to as dot hack sign or simply dot hack for the overall franchise). Some merchandise of it I have scanned and placed here.

.hack//sign .hack//sign
Scans of the covers to volumes 5 and 6 (The stand-alone DVDs).

.hack//sign .hack//sign .hack//sign .hack//sign .hack//sign
A few scans from the various sides of the limited edition complete boxed set's box (Second one) and the DVD case within.

.hack .hack .hack
From the description tag of a lovely Blackrose wallscroll is this firsy one. Next, the front and back of a shitajiki of Blackrose, purchased from Akadot Retail.

.hack .hack
Two pieces from the centerfold of March 2003's Newtype USA. I didn't scan the 'fold itself, but it wasn't terribly impressive, merely Blackrose, but in game-rendered CG form, not the mangified girl I like so much.

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