I've managed to (hopefully) avoid becoming one of the infamous "Narutards" oft seen at cons sporting Naruto headbands and generally exhibiting all the features of what the interwebs calls "Weeaboo". Enjoyable story, despite them, and some interesting characters with HDS' personal favorites being Hinata and Sakura. The pair are likely to feature prominently in any scans here. If that midriff-baring outfit of Sakura, seen in the third movie "Great Excitement! The Animal Panic of Crescent Moon Island", seems overly represented 'tis because I rather like that outfit.

Naruto | Shitajiki #1
16.6 MB, 6036x4212px
1.28 MB, 1500x1744px
Naruto | Shitajiki #2, Front
18.9 MB, 4188x6024px
1.00 MB, 1500x2158px
Naruto | Shitajiki #2, Back
20.2 MB, 4200x6012px
0.97 MB, 1500x2147px
I believe I procured this pair of shitajiki at Otakon 2007, although I cannot be certain I did not order it online. Purchased for Movie 3 outfit Sakura.

Naruto | Clear Folder, Front
27.3 MB, 5100x6984px
1.76 MB, 1900x2602px
Naruto | Clear Folder, Back
25.4 MB, 5100x6996px
1.69 MB, 1900x2607px
Naruto | Clear Folder, Inside
22.8 MB, 4392x6468px
1.41 MB, 1800x2651px
Naruto | Clear Folder, Inside
22.1 MB, 4404x6564px
1.73 MB, 1900x2832px
The final pair of images from this clear folder are of the insides that make up the other side of the folder pocket. Yes, some are the same as the above shitajiki, with the back being identical to one. The additional cover image is worth it, aye, as are the separation of Sakura/Naruto and Kakashi/Rock Lee on the two inside flaps.

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