A fairly new title as I pen this, Trinity Blood has an air of Trigun, both in characters and in story. Perhaps it will also have some of Trigun's greatness with its own flavor on top as the story unfolds. Scans for now.

A few cons back I purchased a set of Trinity Blood postcards. Here they all are. The back I did not scan due to a lack of any material worth presenting. They are actually in the reverse order that they are in in the little case they came in (I scanned/made them into JPEGs backwards I did)

Trinity Blood Trinity Blood Trinity Blood
A shitajiki of reduced size herein lies first. Mangafied, eh? Second we have one of normal size, and of the anime persuasion, front followed by its back. The back had little on it, but perhaps it will be useful to someone.

Trinity Blood | Clear Folder
12.2 MB, 5000x3633px
2.16 MB, 3000x2180px
Clear folder, anyone? Well, not really clear. 'Tis black, after all.

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