The ¡Tenchi Muyo! franchise did many things. One of my gateways to anime, this is true, but greatest of all must be the fact that it contains Sakuya Kumashiro, my favorite anime character of all time, and someone to whom I have devoted a minishrine, Reflection. Enjoy scans from it. As an aside, I don't know why I always put the inverted exclamation at the beginning of Tenchi Muyo. I think I once thought that's the way it was and have stuck with it ever since.

The one easily scannable side of the Ultimate Edition OVA box-of-a-sort set (The other sides were obstructed) is first, followed by a double page scan from the booklet included with it.

Tenchi Muyo Tenchi Muyo Tenchi Muyo
Three promos I received at a con featuring ¡Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki.

Shin Tenchimuyo
This poster, from Shin Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi in Tokyo, features the gang at a waterpark. And it features Sakuya Kumashiro, my all-time favorite anime girl, which makes it all the better. 'Tis the only poster I have seen that features her and, indeed, 'tis one of only a few items that features her in any way (The others being a shitajiki I own and a number of artbooks (There may be more, I own only a fraction). I got lucky and picked this up from the only local dealer of anime and Gundam models I knew of at any of my many locales, Toon City in Waterbury, CT. Sadly, they closed down not too long after I started frequenting there.

Magical Girl Pretty Sami | Tele Card
2.16 MB, 2046x1260px
A telephone card, part of a set of AIC-associated series telephone cards. The cover to the container for all four and one other featuring Sakuya Kumashiro can be found on a page at Reflection, a shrine to Ms. Kumashiro I constructed. Another can be found at the scans page for Battle Athletes and the final at the scans page for El-Hazard

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